Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 45: Ten points for China and why Elder Tucker is feeling slight trepidation (nervousness..

Yeah, I think the word I was looking for is nervous. It's slight fear for the future mixed with excitement. Excitement for a new adventure, but scared that I'm going to be chased by orks all the way to Mt. Mordor. Really, I'm not sure how my buddy Bilbo did it. But, then again, life is all about adventures and getting there and back again. To spin the Hobbit into a gospel parable, it seems all of us in agreeing to come here to 현세 (earth life) have left our parabolic shire. There are some unexpected twists and turns in the road for each of us, but we are not alone and the we both know who wins out in the end. Plus, I'm hairy like a hobbit. I think it's the feet.

Why am I excited and nervous? I'll get to that in a second. First, ten points for China!~~ Yay! This week was amazing and we were blessed to have another baptism! So our friend Wang Yun Xuan (I'm sorry, Korean names are still a little tough for me so Chinese is the next step. I am probably butchering the spelling of her name in English:) So she is amazing! 

Elder Wagner and I met her on the street about two months ago as we were walking to the church. We struck up a conversation in English because she is in Korea studying English (don't ask me:) I don't know why either...) We exchanged contact information and she said she wanted to get in touch when she got back from China in a few weeks. We naturally agreed and hoped for the best. So over the next two weeks we corresponded a little over texting and when she got back we introduced her to the Sisters. Since then we've been team teaching with Sister Collyer and Sister 변수진 (byun su jin) and Yun Xuan has come to church every week. She came to four sessions of General Conference and she got baptized this Sunday! She is so prepared. She has accepted every lesson and every lesson amazingly well. Like, she asked why we don't drink tea (because China is really into tea, you know) and we said because of modern revelation through Joseph Smith. We read D&C 89 (She read it in Mandarin. Thanks gospel apps!) and she said "Ok! I won't drink it anymore!"! Who does that!! And she wants to do family history and go to the temple and even go on a mission! This is what we like to call a "golden investigator" to the MAX! It is really cool. There is also a branch of the church in her home town in China. I didn't even realize how big the church was there. So exciting! I am happy for her!

So today we got transfer calls from the AP's....and team Malibu (or Handsome HeongDeok as we are affectionately called) is breaking up. Elder Wagner and I have had a good run, but it is time to leave another shire. I'm heading to DaeJeon! I'm going to cover two areas. One is Yuseong and the other is SaeJeong (again not sure on the konglish:). SaeJeong is one of the newest cities in the world and will actually be the new capital of Korea in the next couple of years. As for now I'm going to be the only companionship there! Also I'll be serving with Elder Hernandez! This is exciting because he is the only Elder in our mission from Ecuador! Yeah, he speaks Spanish! Take that Ben Denton! Maybe I'll learn Spanish! I think he makes tortillas, So mom, send me some more beans.^^

But I am nervous because I'm going as a district leader. Yikes! I'm still a baby! Or, as my friend Elder Denton phrased is when we were talking about the young missions we're serving in "I'll be a toddler leading babies". So I'm nervous to be a leader. I'll be the oldest missionary in my district and to add more the Elder who's spot I'm taking just went AP. Classic. So keep me in your prayers! I'll need them as it seems I am meant to swim in deep water. Better deep than shallow. But the Lord qualifies who he calls and I get to be a messenger of the truth. This Gospel is True!  I know it! I love it!  I love all of you and my prayers are with you!

Also happy birthday's to best friend Elder Denton and my lovely sister Ashley Nicole Tucker Johnson. (Man, married names are wordy^^ But thanks Marc for adding^^ )

Onward and Upward

Elder Tucker

Alligator.  Thanks Korea malls!  Shopping well done!

My Chinese friend Yeun Xuan sent me these pics from after English class.  As you can see, life is good in 청주^^.