Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week 18: Salutations from 한국: conference and other goods

Dearest greetings to my loved ones,

Hello! That was close. I just typed "hello and exclamation pointed it but realized I forgot the "o". I fixed it and good thing, that would have been more emphasis than I was going for. ha!

Anyway, I love you and am so happy to report another successful week is in and out. This week in some ways was difficult because half of our investigators either cancelled last minute or punked us altogether and street contacting wasn't as fruitful as it has been in previous weeks but things are looking good and plunging forward with full sails and hope for the future. Our miracle investigator 김종석 is doing great! He has met with us three times in just over a week, has been to church and three sessions of conference, and is scheduled to receive his very first ordinance, baptism, on the 2nd of November! Yay! Progression makes me so happy and this man is progressing. He does have lots of questions--some I was even unsure how to answer (In English that is. I don't know how to answer the questions in English. Korean is a different beast altogether.) But with a great companion and ward mission leader sitting-in too, he has completely accepted and believes whole-heartedly everything we've taught thus far. So amazing.

Oh yeah, and we had General Conference this week. It was, how the kids say these days, "ai'ight" or "legit" or what have you. In reality I am so stinking happy for all I have been able to learn and re-learn as is more typically the case. I feel so rejuvenated and exited to just GO. I want to just push, to push forward and apply and grow and be better. I think conference is probably the best thing that ever happened to October. The talks were all fantastic and I was really excited to take Elder Bednar's advice I learned in the MTC to not take longhand notes of what the speakers say  (That is what the Ensign is for.) but to listen to the Spirit and write what He  tells you to write. As I did that I was really able to get ideas for how I can improve and what I can do to be better. I guess that is why we have get our marching orders for the six months. Every talk is critically important and comes straight from God to us so that if we ask "Lord, is it I?" then He can tell us how to better come unto Him. So good. It was so good. It was fun. We had conference at the church. They streamed it to us via satellite--Korean downstairs on the projector, English upstairs on the TV for the missionaries. It was fun. I like the picture and  promise that the one of me is only sort of posed. I really looked like that for most of conference but I only remembered that I wanted to document the moment during the last song of the last session. Close one, right?


I wanted to share some of my tidbits with you. Some are their direct words, some are mine.
  • Divine aid can be ours every hour of every day no matter what, but we need to ask for His help, take responsibility, and go to work so He has something to help us with!
  • I need to always see which way I face and seek to better follow and know the Savior, who is the best example of courage and facing God. Don't fear man or what "they" think! Care only what "He" thinks!
  • Hone my spiritual tool---"light receivers"
  • Look more -- seek God's guidance and truth through prayer, specifically asking more questions
  • Kindness is powerful; especially show it to those who don't have the same values as you
  • Pray to God for blessings you will need in the future
  • We retain a remission for our sins by pleading to God
  • We maintain a remission of sins by how we help our brethren
  • Be valiant in the testimony of Christ
  • If it is my desire to cultivate Christlike attributes (all of them) then God will make me an instrument in His hands unto the saving of many souls
  • Sustain, honor, follow the prophet
  • Decisions determine Destiny!
Courageously move forward! Listen then move forward! Onward and Upward!

I love you and am praying for you. Pray for me.

Elder Tucker

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