Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 36: Wow! Mountains to climb, birthdays to celebrate, Chinese New Year.‏

McKay's email came later this week due to Chinese New Year impacting his regularly scheduled P-day.

Yep. It's a Thursday! Definitely weird emailing at the end of the week, especially because so much had happened since the last response home. I have limited time but I will do my very best to blaze the keyboard and let you know all I can!!!

First and foremost: I am nineteen! Wowza. 

How in the world am I already this old? Pretty crazy. It seems like just the other day I was eighteen! Though technically true, I just find it so amazing that I am here! Here I am! In Asia! In Korea! I am so excited to be a missionary! And I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father that I can already be his representative here at this time. It is crazy to think that missionaries have only been coming this young for two short years and I've already been a missionary for eight months!! That is some sort of crazy! Thanks to everyone who bombarded my inbox with well-wishes and your love! It is so felt and so appreciated! Thank you all of you for being a part of my life. I feel so blessed^^ (I included an Asian smiley face because I feel like it conveys the emotion better. You know..squinty eyes and everything^^) The birthday was fantastic! One of the highlights was most def when I got Settlers of Catan in Korean from Elder Wagner and our Australian Korean investigator Joseph! It was a good day! I had like three cakes! Plus Joseph's mom Agnes made me homemade banana bread! Then the next morning I got a package in the mail from the fam! So great! I feel like they know me so well! Thank you so much for the compilation of Elder Holland's Greatest Talks.. Love that guy! What a birthday!

I also sent home a picture of me with and an Old lady in front of a spectacular statue--thing. Monument! The word is monument! Sorry, I forgo...second language problems. ^^ 

Well I am out of time but the story goes that I was on a split in the neighboring area with a new greenie, ELder Salveson. We went and helped a less active 87 year old women. She likes going for walks. So we helped her down from her third story apartment then pushed her in her wheel chair following her directions to this memorial. What you can't tell from the picture is that we actually pushed her up a mountain! Yep. We pushed her up and over the mountain and then she wanted to take a different way back so we ended walking all the way over the mountain, through Cheung Beuk National University, and down the street back to her house. Quite the trek though it did give us a great chance to learn about her conversion story after the close of the Korean war! So cool! Korea is the best, and I love this gospel! Love serving! Love getting to help cute old little ladies that look like cute granny ewok's and getting to share the gospel all the while! The work is going well and I am sorry but time is up and I must be going.

I love all of you! You are continually in my prayers and know that your lives, your hopes, dreams, and needs are continually before the Lord. He is There! He is there to bless and strengthen and to uphold us by the hand of his righteousness! I pray that you can feel that love and see his ever-present hand in your lives today!

Love you so much.

Onward and Upward!

Elder John McKay Tucker

More birthday pics:

Thanks Mom and fam for the awesome birthday box! It came so quickly! I got it morning of the 18th!
Which is crazy fast for the mission office.

Also Elder Wagner and one of our investigators pitched in and got me CATAN! Needless to say it was a fabulous day!
Language study was never so much fun. (because it's all in Korean!)

The pic of our new team mascot:

Thanks, Malibu!

We made some mac and cheese with gourmet pan fired chicken breast.


So we went shopping at the supermarket on Monday and we found a coconut. It was pretty cheap and it is a we bought it. Found out that coconuts are really hard to open. We didn't have a hammer to drive the screwdriver into the coconut so we had to improvise. Ninja style.

[Photos without a story; maybe next time....]