Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week 52: I think I'm going to die!!!‏

Ok mom, don't be alarmed by the heading of the email. I am writing this right after getting back from lunch. Today was pretty good. Elder 박 (Park) had to do some paper work for some family stuff today so we came to the mission office in the morning. We called and did our mission leadership conference call with President and the AP's then all of us missionaries went out to a 고기buffet. And I meant to write "meat" not 고기...language problems.  Ha! So for those of you not familiar with Korean dining culture it is popular here to eat a lot. and as a result there are tons of buffets and meat buffets are really popular. We go and put tons of raw meat on a plate then go to our table and we grill it on the hot plate they have there. Super delicious. You can all you want of whatever you want. And we went to a nice one and it was only ten thousand won. (roughly ten bucks!)  Huzzah! Down side is that we ate continuously for like 90 minutes so I think I passed maximum capacity! So really I might die. I don't think I'll eat dinner. . .

But moving on to happier notes: I love Elder Park. I'm sorry already that I left my camera at the apartment because he is the best. Super cutest Korean I know. And I know that previous sentence wasn't perfect English and I'm okay with that! We have been busy with lots of meeting as of late and recently the Doonsan (둔산) ward has had lots of baptisms so all of our investigators have either been baptized or dropped. So we have been busy hitting the streets and talking to everybody. Because I am in Doonsan area it means that I am in the heart of Daejeon city. My area is probably the smallest geographically in the mission, but there are tons of people. It is all metropolitan and we take the bus and subway most everywhere if we aren't going by foot. It is fun, I love the city. Not that I know any different--I've been blessed to live the big city life ever since I came to Korea. It is fun. Daejeon is fun too because of the huge shopping areas they have. I mean, I can only go shopping on p-day, but as when we do they have HUGE department stores with everything under the sun. I also like the huge underground shopping malls they have. crazy. Koreans are crazy about their shopping. Such a trendy country. I think the only thing they have more of here than cell phone stores is probably hair salons. Life in Korea is good. Hot, fast paced, and good. I love Korea.


This week has also been a good one for studies. recently I have been studying the life of Peter. As a mission there are lots of great experienced missionaries going home in the next few weeks and so it is up to the rest of us to step up and fill the roles needed to lead the mission. I love Perter because he is such a fabulous example of an ordinary man becoming an extra-ordinary servant of the Lord. I have been studying his before and after--how did he go from denying thrice to president of the church? What did he do that changed him? I think the secret lies in the last direction that Jesus gave to Peter specifically in the gospel of John and in the last direction to the apostles in the Book of Matthew. The Lord told the apostles to baptize all nations and he told Peter very specifically to "feed My sheep". It seems to me that Peter was changed as he testified and as he taught the truths of the gospel with power and with authority. Peter was just a man. He was imperfect and a tad impetuous and a lot like you and me. Though he still had weaknesses and was imperfect, he became the amazing prophet and leader as he preached by the spirit, letting the spirit change him as much as anyone. God wants me and he wants you to be our best and He will do that as we do His work for His children. What an amazing blessing that is! When we start to do His work in His way, he will shape us into the best tool to get the job done. The Lord shapes the back to bear the burden placed upon it and through our striving with the spirit He will make us into something great! I love that and know it's true. And it's what I'm working for.

I love all of you guys and I will add pictures next week!

In all things, onward and upward!

Elder Tucker