Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 31: I'm so tired..I LOVE IT!

Hello World,

Salutations and howdy-do! This has been a whirlwind of a week and I am kind of shocked that I'm already back at the keys. I also realized that one of the hardest things I do all week is try to figure out what to put in the subject line of the email. I sit there and ponder, looking for something epic or especially meaningful, but I usually just sputter and just throw out something random. Well, thats ai'ight too. This week's subject title actually came from a song that has been playing almost every day on the radio when Elder Wagner and I go to the gym in the morning. The song is "nobody to love" by Sigma  I think, but I just love that I'm tired, but I love that being tired is never bad or hard. Missions are kind of weird because we work really hard, and it is kind of a go-go-go kind of lifestyle with lots of hurry-up-and-wait, but I'm less tired the more that I put in. I think it just chalks up to the fact that the more I do and the more give, the more I get blessed, so it never seems like too much. I guess that's the gospel: the more you give the more God will give you (both blessing--talents to use and multiply-and experiences to get over.) God is so great. I'm happy because I feel like I'm learning

So I think the craziest day of the week was last Wednesday. Elder Wagner and I got back together from our split (Which was funny and unfortunate because we split with the zone leader, Elder Evans, and Assistant ZL, Elder Anderson, who both happened to have mild food poisoning...really unfortunate, Elder Anderson is such a trooper doing street contacting with me in -5 degree weather with me when really he just needed to chill by the bathroom. Thank goodness for public restrooms and gas stations! But we did work!..anyway) We had three appointments pretty much back to back. We met the first individual who was a new investigator. (So funny. He has interest a lot because we're American, and he wants to learn English better. He also wants to meet and marry a foreigner because his celebrity crushes are Taylor Swift and Victoria Justice from Victorious. Classic.) We had a lesson with our baptismal date investigator, and that went great. He is having a hard time quitting cigarettes but he loves the Book of Mormon. He has a hard time reading it, but he loves it just the same. So good.

Our third investigator is Im Jan Ho (임잔호)  who is a college student and remarkably fashionable. His fashion sense has nothing to do with the story but I just like how he is always well dressed...back to the story. We were showing him the First Vision video and right in the middle of it a lady shows up to the church needing help to get home to a city like 2 hours away. Elder Wagner had to momentarily step out of the room to help her and take a call from bishop and things got exciting the moment he turned his back on us. So right then our investigator grabbed the remote and tried to turn down the volume because he thought it was too loud and in the process dropped the remote, dislodging the batteries. I tried to fix it but put them in backwards and then just resolved to use the buttons on the TV to lower the volume. The problem is the TV is in Korean, and the room was dark and I pressed the wrong button sending the TV into static and very loud static at that. All the while Elder Wagner is trying to help a needy woman in the hallway. He came in and fixed the TV and the lesson ended well, but things got pretty hectic for a moment. It a was a great moment in the Korean adventure.

Anyway, I am totally out of time but have been loving reading Jesus the Christ by Talmage. Such a superb book, and I am just in awe whenever I read it. I've read it a lot this week. So good. I also just love the Plan of Salvation. I had a couple chances to teach and study it in depth this week and I am just awestruck by how amazing it is. God is perfect and he does all of this for us. He loves us and He lives! I know it and am so blessed to share that!

Love ya,

Onward and Upward,

Elder Tucker