Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 32: "They Can Smell Fear!"

Hello World!

I think I will apologize in advance for the briefness of my email. Time is short, but I will do what I can!

So the background for this week's subject heading goes as following:

Elder Wagner and I had just finished our appointment at the church and were walking the long way home for dinner in the hopes of being able to talk to more people. The long way has more shops and a couple of bigger schools. We pass the university in town and also past one of the really big girls high schools. (Because they are separated in Korea.) So we were walking down the sidewalk when out of the corner of our eye we see a gaggle of giggling girls, probably 15-18 years old, fearless when there are cute Americans involved, and with smart phones in tow, moving pretty quickly in our direction. And it's not like I'm scared of teenage girls or anything, but flirting is the worst as a missionary! (It was really awkward two weeks ago when Elder Wagner and I got asked on a double date by two of the sister's investigators...(#Koreaprobs)) Elder Wagner spotted them first and said in a firm tone: "Elder, Lets cross the street. Right now..." So we did (perhaps breaking some minor traffic laws...j-walking! The nerve!) and just in time too because as we did a little fast walk out of the area I could see them all taking pictures of us on their smartphones in the distance! I turned to Elder Wagner, a little surprised at the whole thing (because I didn't see it coming) and asked why they all showed up so fast. "Elder," he said, "They can smell fear!" True story! I can now add Korean teenage girls to the list!

Also had some really spiritual lessons this week! Managed to pick up six new investigators and had four out to church this week so I'm glad the work is rolling forward too! God is blessing us and I am so glad to be able to serve him! This week I have had some great studies in the New Testament and I'm trying to "learn of Him". I have been amazed at the Spirit in reading His own words, observing His actions, and trying to read between the lines to understand Him and His disciples better. Keywords in my study thus far deal with Fulfilling (fulfilling the law and more important to me: being filled full by Him) and Laborer (best when cross reference to Jacob 5. I feel like fishers of men would also do some good work in the vineyard. I love gardening and the ocean! So great!

I love you all and am totally out of time! You are in my prayers and thank you for sustaining me with yours. We live in a time of miracles! Just open your eyes, look up, look out in order to see them!


Onward and Upward

Elder Tucker  

some 우유 (oo yoo) (milk) while I read the words of my homeboy James E. Talmage. Deep doctrine never tasted so good!

Elder Kim loves eggs.  He bought like eight or nine dozen... He is really into protein right now.  Got to get huge, you know!

another selfie just for good measure....

A nice reflective shot with Jesus in the background.  I'd say he's photobombing but that feels inappropriate... Funny, but wrong!

Elder Wagner.  The hair says lets have a fun time, but the eyes say let's start comp study and cease the photo session.

a last selfie just for funsies

The best text messages this week!  Teaching English and spunky college kids is the best!  Life really is so fun!  These just speak for themselves!