Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 30: #Embark Welcome 2015

Howdy everybody (Family, friends .I love ya all.)

Happy new year! This is so crazy that we are already here. I'm not sure what to think..I guess I'll just type.

This week has been crazy busy actually. We have had a bunch of appointment and five new investigators. We have been getting a lot of referrals recently and had ten hours of teaching time this week. New personal record. I love it when the lord trust us enough to give us a crap ton of work to do. It is so fun here in 흥덕 ! I feel like missions are fun. It is like being a super hero and my super power is sharing the gospel. Pretty fantastic! I used to always say that I'd want the power of flight--you know, levitation, or telekinesis, but I guess I'm content with the power to move people. You know, with the spirit and all. I think all of you should resolve to give a little more to God this year. Right now as a mission we are focusing on and studying about consecration--consecration of our whole selves to God. Tad R. Callister has a great talk on it...but also doing missionary work just makes you so happy. Why? Because when we do missionary work we are doing God's work. We are advancing his purpose to bring about immortality and eternal life and let's be real: this is the plan of happiness! Sharing it will make you happy and it'll make them happy for eternity! Happy new year! (Read my "happy" gospel sharing vibe into it next time you wish someone a festive new year...:)


Anyway, besides the small rant I was so happy when I watched the new mutual theme video. The #Embark one. 

It is so great. I have been studying D&C 4:2 really hard today and I am amazed. It is calling us out and calling us up. It is all about onward and upward! Give it to God. We are His and as His He will strengthen and bless us and lead us by the hand. He asks is to be lights unto the world--to be examples of the believers. As we do we will find ourselves with greater purpose, greater power, and a greater ability to be His. To be happy! I love you all and pray for you everyday. This year is the time to embark! What are you embarking on? Where are you going and why? I think I'll study embarking a little more and get back to you with my ideas. What are your thoughts? If you want, shoot me an email ( or shoot me a snail mail response.  Let's do it! The doing is the hard part so we might as well start now.

Loves. Lots of love.

Onward and upward,

Elder Tucker