Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 33: are we here already? #transfer5

So it's kind of a weird phenomenon. I feel like everyday moves pretty quickly and I'm always shocked when it's time to start walking home, but then it feels like Christmas was months ago. I guess technically it was month(s) ago but still! The good news is that Elder Wagner and I are together for another one. Bonus round for team Malibu! (insert fistbump) I feel pretty excited because there are also two greenies coming to our district. Nice! Now i get to be the older brother missionary rather than the pretty-young-but not-a-greenie missionary. Progress.

In other news our awesome Zone Leader, Elder Evans, finishes his mission this week. He is such a successful, happy, hard working missionary and he will be missed. He and my trainer both are both getting reassigned: Member missionaries! It is an odd feeling to see the Missionary who picked you up when he was 3/4 done with his mission head home. It makes me feel old. Well at least in mission terms. Heck, I'm still 18! But with Elder Evans leaving there was a gap in missionary leadership. Elder Evans' comp Elder Anderson is becoming the district leader and training and Elder Wagner is going from district leader to Zone leader. Wowza! Truth be told, this was our unspoken prediction for transfers but it is still a shock. It means that I become assistant to Elder Wagner and inherit new responsibilities, Yay responsibility! I think I'm in charge of all of the junior comps in 청주 zone. Yikes...

But in other news, we found a family investigator this week! They were a referral from members in my last ward. So cool! So we went to their swanky apartment complex. Walked past the receptionist/guard and he paged our family saying: "...the Mormons are here. Did you call them?" Classic! But pretty much their golden! really really golden! He is a psychiatrist at a really big hospital and their two daughters (ages 4 and 2) are the cutest! It was pretty awesome when we got into the elevator and realized that their apartment had forty-two floors. What the heck! It was probably fancier than any hotel I've ever been in. wow. .  . . .. I'll send pictures when I can stealthily take some. :)


This week was full of great revelation! I really really love reading the new testament! The only thing that is hard is when I get lost in cross referencing and forget where I started! I've come to appreciate more fully the infinite outflow that is possible to tap into when you study with the spirit! I testify that the scriptures are true! They really are God's word and you really can find the solution to any problem you face therein. So awesome. God is awesome! I'm glad to be His missionary

I love you all so much

Onward and upward!

Elder Tucker