Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week 56: America the beautiful, God Shed His Grace on Thee

Hello my people! What a week, huh? Does time fly as quickly on the western hemisphere? It ticks by pretty quick around here.

And Happy Birthday America! I love you! It was kind of funny eating rice instead of hot dogs this year, but it was such a fabulous day. I made breakfast for the house and went gourmet for them making French Toast and white syrup to complement the rice. It may have been a little ironic that I made French toast, but I feel like I've come a long way since cutting bagels and toaster tacos. I am growing up, I guess. And so is America. As I took time to sing all of the America songs in the hymn book I was touched by all of the verses of America the Beautiful. Even though I hear Ray Charles in my head whenever I sing it I am touched by the words and how it is God that refines our gold, refines our souls, that provides us with purple mountain majesties, and with amber waves of grain. I love the part of God mending our every flaw and the united cry that all of our good be crowned with brotherhood from sea to shining sea! I may not know a lot--I'm on the up and up--but one thing I have learned more concrete than anything else is that as we trust in God He will crown our good and bless us to prosper in the land. I love that, and I know that is true! It's my prayer that as we launch off bottle rockets, we down hamburgers, and we sing our patriotic anthems, that we remember that it is God in whom we still trust. He is good and He will guide us home. God bless the USofA!!

And it was great living with and singing all the American songs we could remember the lyrics too. Living in a house with three Americans has its advantages, though it's tough when they all hate on country music. (side bar: how can you love your country and not love country music?? Come on people! Embrace it! We're going mainstream!..) But they did sing along to my Toby Keith and God Bless the USA. Good times. I even sang The Star Spangled Banner Whitney Houston style. Quite the show. I think my favorite was Elder 박's face when we told him that the national anthem was a hymn. Classic.

The week has been great and the rainy season is now upon us. It was crazy last night when we left our Ward Missionary Leader's house because the sky had a slightly oppressive omi-nousness to it so we borrowed umbrellas and embarked. It was a good thing we did because it wasn't more than twenty steps later the floodgates of heav'n were opened!! We took shelter under a bus stop and then 전도ed (I think the word in English is proselyted?? the Korean one is way easier--jundo. see. easier!) on the bus. Pretty great. I love talking to people on the bus because they have nowhere to run away from me to. Nice! I got some numbers and I think we will be meeting one of the guys this week!


In my studies this week I've been a little all over the place. I've been studying the words of Elder Packer -  in of memory for him as well as seeking light and knowledge for how to help lead the zone in the Book of Mormon and the Bible, and all I have to say is that God is amazing! I love being a missionary where there are 내 ㅡ무ㅛ ㅔㄱㄷㄴ(dang keyboard!) so many pressing demands that require the help of heaven. What I've been learning recently is that God will give us direction and instruction for every aspect of our life. As we seek him humbly and with real intent he will deliver. (that "deliver" has two meanings!) I love all of you and I want you to know that I know God lives! And He loves each and every one of you! He is aware of your hopes and your dreams, your wants, and He seeks your good. Life is hard, but this second estate is all about development and growth. Growth, comes with growing pains, but the results are worth it! May you remember that and may God shed His grace on thee!

Onward and Upward.

Elder Tucker