Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 58: Thoughts on being "among the multitude"‏

Hello my people!!

It has been a very nice and a nice and humid week here in Dajeon, Korea. The week has been pretty busy and it was one of those weird ones where each day felt like its own week and trying to remember last Monday was like trying to remember march! Where is the time going?? But exciting news is that I am now serving with Elder Baker. He's from Farmington~~I'm not sure where that is more than in the central Utah super-Mormon-populous area. He is the greatest. A team of Elders were taken out of our area and so we have the big house to ourselves. It's nice in some aspects (more shower time and less laundry waiting time) but I have no idea what to do with four bed mats--maybe make a super bed!

The exciting news of the week was Mission Leader Conference on Friday. It was fun because Elder Dubois and Elder McCmullin who I was in the MTC with had to spend the night in Daejeon for the conference so we had a sweet slumber party! Watermelon, lemonade, way too many missionary stat sheets and missionary goals--viva la vida baby! The mission conference was great for several reason. Reason one: seeing so many friends from my MTC district and around the mission. Reason two: President. He is the greatest man and I love all of his trainings! so many new ideas to apply! Reason three: it's all in Korean and somehow we all understand! Thank you Spirit! Reason four: Our guest speaker PJ Rogers was amazing. He is a professor at BYU Hawaii I guess, but he helps out the missions in Korea . He is fabulous and I have never seen a big ol' white guy sound just like a Korean! He taught us about ways to become more effective missionaries and more importantly how to recognize our own importance and the enabling power of the atonement that will make everything else possible!

I am so sorry to not have any more time! I'll give you way more next time folks!

I love you and I know it's true! It is true!

Onward and Upward

Elder Tucker!

with Elder Baker