Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 57: Six weeks already??! The adventure continues

So every six weeks in the mission we have what we call "transfers" where our Mission President prays over all of the missionaries and for the mission and looks at where all of the missionaries are serving and who they're serving with and there is a chance of us moving and changing companions. It's always pretty exciting, it's like the NFL draft for missionaries or something. ~ Pretty much the most exciting thing. And this six weeks was exciting because my friend and companion, Elder 박 (Park) is transferring to Cheonan and I am staying in Daejeon. It will be an exciting couple of months. I will be living with Elder Baker who is in the house with me right now. Two elders are being pulled out of our ward and the zone will be seeing all sorts of changes too.

It is an exciting week. Tomorrow or the day after Elder Wagner and all of the missionaries in his group will be back in America which is pretty crazy because it seems like last week that me and Elder Wagner were working up a storm in CheongJu. Time flies. And it is an exciting time for the mission with lots of room for growth and improvement. Elder Wagner and his group made up almost all of the Zone Leaders in the mission and with their departure the hole is being filled with lots of my friends who I came to Korea with. Mission dynamics are always so fun..^^ But, the best thing of the mission is not the dynamics, but the Spirit and the Word.

This week has been a good week for the word! Elder Park and I have very few investigators right now, but I love them and they are progressing well, with baptismal dates for the beginning of next month. I have really loved serving with Elder Park because he has shown me how to really teach with the scriptures as well as teaching with members. That is the only way to do it!! The scriptures, the word of God, is the most powerful thing for teaching and will bring the Spirit of the Lord more than anything! But why is the spirit important?? As I’ve been a missionary one thing I've learned for sure is the need for the Spirit of the Lord. The spirit brings confidence and the sweet peace of assurance that comes from doing what's right. I love the Comforter because it is that power that I have the ability to do everything that is on my plate. The Spirit! Every gift and blessing I seek can come about through the spirit and the strength of the Lord.

I love all of you and am sorry for this jumble of an email. Time is short and it is very rainy outside. Man, the rainy season--and not in the desert are really pretty wet!
I love you all,

Onward and Upward

Elder Tucker