Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 59: Wet and wild and the Waters of Baptism

I will begin by apologizing for the shortness of this email. Time is of the essence and my little fingers just won't type fast enough!

This has been a splendid week for me and Elder Baker! He is the greatest and I feel like we are a dynamic duo set out to defend the city of Daejeon against the powers of sin and the adversary~~we have ties but maybe we should invest in capes! no capes..

But the week was really good. The highlights were a stake primary activity that they recruited the missionaries for. The first half was a bunch of  indoor activities centered on service and faith in God. The theme was service and missionary oriented and the kiddos were so cute! The second half was a huge water fight because the weather was ripe. Elder Baker and I helped fill like 500 water balloons though we didn't participate in the crossfire. It was a fun day.

More fun was the next day when our investigator 박민형 got baptized!! (that is Park, Min Hyung for no Konglish readers^^) 

He is an amazing miracle and a member referral from an awesome member in the ward next door. It is amazing because when we met he had no belief or faith, but was willing to learn and pray because his friend said it was important. He is so humble in accepting our teaching, but doesn't just take our word for it--he always studies it out and prays himself. His testimony is so strong now, and he and the friend who referred him may or may not be a thing in the near future. I feel so honored to be a part of his life and so blessed and humbled by the whole experience. I love the Lord. I know the gospel is true!!

And my new favorite scripture this week is D&C 29:1-6. The Lord really came to bat for me this week in my personal studies! I love Him so much!

Happy Birthday this week Jones! and Grandpa Tucker!

Onward and Upward

Elder Tucker

I think I am actually starting to look Asian!  Look at my eyes!! What is this!?!