Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 38: Hello Everybody!

Hello Everybody! (These are my people!)

I know that most people won't get the reference of my salutation, but I was making a subtle shout out to my adorable cousin Dakota! She is the greatest and so cute. I hope she and all of you can feel my love. Sometimes it's hard to convey love through the internet....but I try. Gotta love the internet.

This week there is very little time and though it isn't my first choice I fell like the tactics of my great compadre are appropriate here. Yes, I am indeed invoking a list!

1. This week I rode a train for the first time since the Polar Express. I wonder how many people out there know that there is a real polar express and that it happens to be in northern Arizona. Fun fact! The train was nice and Korea was beautiful!

2. I had a split this week with my good old friend from the MTC district Elder Godfrey. He is my 6'7" Canadian friend and even though he had a terrible cold we both survived and it was a great senior moment for both of us because we were the oldest missionaries in the house and got to help others: the Best!

3. Ok. a two item list is pretty lame but I am out of time.


The lesson from this week come s from Moses 4:23 and is also reflected in Genesis 3. Essentially God tells Adam and Eve after their little experience with tree that he will curse the ground for their sake. He will curse the ground for their sake! The point is that God gives us challenges, there are literal and figurative thorns and thistles in all of our lives, but he does it all because he loves us. Remember that he is always about his business of forwarding our eternal life and salvation. I love and regularly recall Elder Christofferson: "I am the Gardener here and I know what I want you to be." in this life it is critical to remember that He is God. He knows what is best and He will do that for us. Sweat and tears and blood are to be expected in this, our mortal sojourn here. The great thing is that there is Hope. He is hope! I love being a missionary and that I get to tell people about this every day. It is pretty much the best thing ever!

I love you all

Onward and upward

Elder Tucker

So the jury is in and we decide I look more like James Potter than Harry.  No prob.  I like James better anyway!
District meeting was great too!