Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 40: New transfer and talents and BABY!

Hello world! 안녕하세요!

I was so pleasantly surprised to open up the email today and find out that the world is a little brighter! I am so happy that little baby Calvin Levi Pace is now here and ready for business! YAY! I'm an uncle again! Nice work team Pace! (especial kudos to Jordann for doing the heavy lifting. OR pushing as the case may be....^^) Back to point. I am so excited and happy! I wish health and happiness to everyone and all! I think the weirdest thing is that when I take off the cape and tag and am forced back into civilian life that Calvin will be where baby Jones was when I left and baby Jones will be a grown up. Man they grow up fast.

Also this week marks the beginning of my 6th transfer in Korea. I know! I too am asking myself how I got here so quickly and why it is that I seem so old when I feel so young still. It is weird to think I've been a missionary since Baby Calvin was a twinkle and if I were a sister missionary I'd be over the hill. Thank goodness that I'm an Elder! This transfer should be pretty fantastic. I am with Elder Wagner for our third together in 흥덕 area and fingers crossed that our fantastic investigator Anna gets baptized on April 12th. (And if along with crossed fingers if you could pray for her too I would appreciate it so much! The power of prayer is so real and I know that collective prayer power engenders action and always brings miracles!) In other news there is a lot of the same, except that tomorrow Elder Wager and I go to Daejeon for a misssion leader conference. I am pretty excited! They are always great and I love seeing President and Sister Shin so much. Plus the bonus for this time is that Sister Shin said she would buy me some Quaker oats at Costco (I love that Costco is a worldwide thing these days:) so it seems that breakfast will be a whole lot happier soon. Man, I love Asia. I also love oatmeal!


So there isn't much time today but I'll say what I can...

This week in one of our companionship studies Elder Wagner and I cracked open the parable of the talents. I learned so much. Some of the insights I got deal with success and how it is our talents increase. In the parable it is important to remember that all of the talents and the servants themselves were the Lord's. He gave them what was his so they could grow. He grows and is glorified when we gain glory and then we give glory back to Him and so on. The best way we gain talents is by sharing them (investing) them in others. When we do this others grow (more glory) and our talents multiply and the whole economy of God grows and gains glory. The truth is that God does everything He does for our growth and development. He is always working towards the happiness, the glory, the eternal life of what is most important to him: His family! I love that this is His work and that I can share it with others. I know it is true!

I love you.

Onward and Upward

Elder Tucker