Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week 42: These Two Cute Grandmas...

So this week was pretty great! Fun story for the now is that on the way to emailing, Elder Wagner and I stopped at a stop light. (novel concept I know:) And there were these three cutest old women. They were like 80 year-old grandmas and were wearing cute floral patterns and were all bent over with age. The oldest one looked at me and my companion and came over and said to us in Korean "You two are SO cute! You are just the cutest things. Wow. I'm like your mother. She would tell you that you are such cute little things". Then the other two came over as the light turned green and patted our backs as we all crossed the street together. I'm not sure if I get my "helping the elderly" merit badge yet, but that was pretty great. We got to the other side, bowed, and they went on their merry way. Cute grandmas are the greatest! Shout out: I have the best Grandmas ever! I live 6,000 miles away and I can still feel their love! The power of prayer is real.

A fun story from yesterday. So we take the sacrament every week to a lady named (in rough English translation) Jo Yeh In. She is the nicest lady ever. She was super catholic. Like she still prays in Latin sometimes when she feels moved to. She can't come to church these days because she is taking care of her husband who is in liver failure. Anyway, she is a super member missionary  when she can make it out, and after we took the sacrament she asked if she could come with us to visit our investigator Anna who works at the burger restaurant. We agreed and met later last night. It was terrific! She is awesome. She showed up wearing this fun tied scarf and poofy black coat and she kind of looked like Korean-Nanny McPhee or something. She is actually very similar to Anna because they both have worked in restaurants their whole lives, have been heavy smokers, drinkers, catholic, and both love the missionaries. So they were talking and Sister Jo politely told Anna that she needed to have faith that she could stop smoking and get baptized this Sunday on Easter so that she could be reborn on the anniversary of Christ's resurrection! Anna balked a little, and we actually had to leave a little before they finished because they wanted to keep talking and we had to get home by curfew, so we'll find out how it went tonight, but I love this gospel. I love how a testimony comes from God and through that knowledge we become converted. The Holy Ghost confirms truth to our souls and no power can shake it so long as we hold true. Sister Jo is really converted. And I know that as I am out here I keep getting converted too. I pray this week as you have the chance to hear from our living prophets and apostles that you are touched, that you feel the truth of their words, and that you can become a little more converted. I know that God hears and answers our prayers.

P.S. General conference is pretty much the best time to get answers. SO... have ears to hear!

Jones has ears to hear.

I love you.

Onward and Upward

Elder Tucker

me and my ZL friend Elder Andrews.  He is the greatest.

And some blurry pics of zone conference!

I love these people!

Here is the best of eastern medicine!  The best is that we did it all in the middle of Anna's burger restaurant.....

And nobody said anything.  They just kept eating their delicious burgers.

We had to do acupuncture on Elder Wagner's foot/ankle because he was so swollen when he sprained it. So we had these cool suction cup things and a hand pump and you suck the skin then use a cool needle tool so it starts bleeding. Then you put the suction cup back on then you let it suck out all of the "bad blood". Crazy coagulation and such. The crazy thing was that within three days Elder Wagner was doing leg days at our gym. High fives for eastern medicine. I was in charge of cleaning the old suction cups and supplying new ones.