Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 39: And another one bites the dust...‏

So I threw out that Queen reference because ladies and gentlemen I have come to the end of yet another transfer here in Cheongju. We just got our transfer calls from the AP's and Elder Wagner and I are stating the same. Nice! I am pretty excited because some great things should be happening this transfer! #baptism

This week was pretty exciting because of both my split with Elder Parker in a neighboring district (which is notable because I was senior--which is funny because he is 26! Yeah, that means he was born in 1988, eight years before I was born! weird. He has a great life story) All went well.

Also this week was Stake conference! Nice! This is my second one in Korea, and I liked it so much more because I could actually understand part of it. It's not all there of course but I love this awesome relationship I'm developing where the better I get at Korean, the less I day dream in church. Progress baby! I'm on the up and up! But really it was great. Our most progressing investigator, Anna came to church and loved it! It was awesome because she said she needed to leave a half hour early  to get to work next door, but she just had this feeling and she couldn't  leave. Nice work Spirit! So yep, she is doing great and is most likely going to get baptized in the middle of April. I am so excited! She just has to kick that whole smoking thing! But things are on the up and up! What can I say? I'm a positive guy and I'm really happy that things are going great!

I also Love personal study! My favorite is when a whole study is spurred by one footnote. Enter ...


Matt 3:2 John the Baptist in the wilderness proclaiming repentance and he said to the people: "Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand"

The Greek on the word "repent" denotes "A change of heart" i.e. "a conversion"
Wow. I love that take on repentance. I love the idea that repentance is never a negative word but is perhaps one of the most hopeful I know, synonymous with grace. Repentance allows an escape. Repentance is the cocoon process that turns all of us sill squishy caterpillars into really nice butterflies! Looking at repentance and its significance took me to Alma 9:27-28 "And behold, he cometh to redeem those who will be baptized unto repentance through faith on his name." Some pondering and reflective notes on this section spurred a great study and scripture chase on the Gospel of Jesus Christ (our third lesson we teach) and it culminated in 3 Nephi 27. I still need another study session to attack chapter 27 because it is so rich, but I just love the scriptures. I love how they are living scriptures in the idea that they will grow and change as we change and come back to them. I have grown so much through them. I love the word of God! (and I'm really excited for conference.a.k.a. the Superbowl of the mission world) and I hope that as we each reflect day by day on who we are and seek that change of heart to not only be  a better person, but as is sometimes in my own life, pray to want to change or improve, that we will! That is my testimony and I am sorry that I am so out of time!

Love you all

Onward and upward!

Elder Tucker

Ok, so this week we had a FHE at the church and I snapped a pic with some of my favorite Korean My good friend with the glasses is HoYong and he is fantastic. He graduated from high school a little early to hit the mission field in Seoul and has also already done his two years of mandatory military service. He is great, is going to BYU Hawaii soon and helps us out on member lessons all the time. so great! members! They are all awesome but I only had time for a few.

Here is a picture of the cutest kid ever.  Picture and blur don't do him justice.  His Korean name sounds like Danny.  Cutest!

Also despite appearences, Elder Wagner is not from Idaho.  He just looks like a potato.
It's what happens when we forget to turn on the floor heat at night then try to do studies.... missenprobs